Anti Bullying

Policy for cases of alleged Abuse, Bullying, or any other form of potential Discrimination

Changing And Showering

Policy for Changing And Showering

Code Of Conduct For Juniors

Code Of Conduct for Junior Members and their Families

Code of Conduct for Adults, Coaches, Managers,
Supporters and Volunteers

Code of Conduct for Adult Members, Supporters, Volunteers & Friends and Family who attend the Club


The Club Consitution

Cricket Helmet Guidance

Policy for Cricket Helmets

Emergency Procedure

Policy for Emergencies

Incident Or Accident Report

Policy for Incidents or Accidents

Inclusion And Diversity

Policy for Inclusion & Diversity

Junior Transport

Policy for Transport of Juniors to Matches and Practice

Matches During Covid-19

Policy and guidance where Covid-19 impacts upon Matches

Missing Child

Policy for circumstances where a child is missing